Polygraph test Vereeniging: Why lie detector tests are used?

Different counties have different policies about the polygraph. Some countries consider it legal, while others do not consider it valid. If we talk about Polygraph test Vereeniging, authorities cannot force a person to undergo a lie detector test in South Africa. However, if he is willing to take the test, he can.

It is essential to understand that what the uses of this test are. It will help you to understand in which circumstance you should undergo this test and when you are not supposed to take it.

Like jobs in the police, fire fighting department, and similar, many jobs in South Africa ask for the polygraph. The test in the country is not regularized yet, but many departments ask for it.

The usual duration of the test is around 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, the lie detector is attached to the person’s body, and he is asked the related questions. The attitude of the person during this session and changes in different indicators are plotted on the graph. An expert examines the graph and gives the report. Usually, the whole process takes one to two hours.

Polygraph test Vereeniging

Criminal record check

Polygraph test Vereeniging is used to check the truthfulness of a particular person. One of the most common uses of this test is the criminal record check. He is asked about his criminal history, and the test tells if he is telling the truth or not. That is the reason this test is mandatory for those who apply to security departments.

Lie detector in personal relations

Another everyday use, other than a criminal background check, is the loyalty check. When people cheat on their spouses, people ask for the relationship lie detector tests. It helps a person know either his spouse is loyal to them or cheating on her.  Infidelity lie detector tests are commonly used in the country. Reliable agencies promise to provide reliable results for such tests.

Use in harassment cases

These tests are used as evidence in harassment cases. Although many people say that these are not reliable, they can prove vital against the crime.

Polygraph test Vereeniging

The authenticity of the lie detector test

Many people question the authenticity of these tests. But research shows that these tests are reliable 97% to 99%. However, various factors play a significant role in the authenticity of the test. For instance, the person’s health, time of the test, the person’s medical history, and the duration of the test are some vital factors.

Types of polygraph

There are different types of lie detector tests. The most common are specific issue polygraph, which focuses on one particular question. This test produces accurate results.

Multiple issue polygraphs are about examining the different aspects of the same issue. It is more time taking and produces slightly less accurate results.

Screen polygraph tests are used for employment. It is considered the least accurate polygraph, where accuracy drops to 75% to 80%.